Last week, a training session was held at the administration of the Yuzhny seaport, aimed at eliminating an emergency situation that could arise as a result of the release (spillage) of a chemically hazardous substance.

The exercises were conducted in accordance with the order of the head of the administration of the seaport “Yuzhny” about the introduction of the experimental program “Blue envelopes” for working out the emergency situation “Ammonia leakage at the 3rd berth”.

During the training, practical skills were developed for the staff of the port administration and the evacuation team and the leadership of the evacuation commission.

Upon completion of the training training, the procedure for evacuation in the event of an accident with ammonia emission, signs of ammonia poisoning and the use of personal protective equipment was reviewed.

The plans of the administration of the seaport “Yuzhny” to conduct such practical training regularly.